il Tandre Neu EP

by il Tandre Neu

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2012 EP


released March 20, 2012

il Tandre Neu is:
J Tallungan
Lucas Kahun
Colleen Czajka
Sandra Yau

Recorded at Ape Trax, Chicago Il. 2011 - 2012




il Tandre Neu Chicago, Illinois

dream pop. gleaming the tube.

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Track Name: Challenger
oh my darling:
that life is over.
ditch your shoes and climb aboard
mother's burning
you are smiling
brother Kevin's free to go

every day will be a holiday
load a gun and hurry on
every day is like a holiday
steal a car and hit the road

every day was like a holiday
loaded guns and hurried on
a stolen car outside of Sante Fe
was every reason not to go home

temple burning
I remember:
pulled an adder from your side
Rexor closing
I lay bleeding
now, sullen brooding on my throne
Track Name: Old Conan
you know what troubles my brow.
hacked off a limb,
wanted to feel the touch of a phantom

even if these are no longer the streets
of the ones who remembered to be,
I'll never leave.
even if these are no longer the streets
of the ones remembered to me
I'll never leave.

Valeria, this is where we are.
Aquilonia, is where you are.

if sleep could come I'd only dream of you.
Track Name: Leviathan
to hold you down,
to drag you under,
to break you up,
it's too easy.

my home is down
with the tubes and smokers.
to drag me out:
I'm a secret.

to hold you down,
to drag you under,
to chew you up,
into pieces.

something that lives in the water.
Track Name: Snowed In (pt II)
you never wanted to behold your own survival.
never wanted to be on your own with me.

I remember waiting for you,
that's a long wait for a train that don't come.

you're snowed in with me.

(live together, die alone)
Track Name: For Your Health
sweet summer rain,
abandoning a crutch and crawling back to me.
we messed it up a little and missed out on the accolades

sweet berry wine
a symptom of the time with one now lost to me
most lonely in the midst of disinterested hedonists

we run to the middle.

shit summer night,
and kicking out your crutch and falling back on me
I promise not to touch if you eat a bowl of cereal.

four dollar wine,
a symptom of the times and how we ought to be
more hammered in the rain and packing for an evening train.